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Comic- Christmas Spirits Pg 3 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 18 11 Comic- Christmas Spirits Pg 2 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 18 0 Comic- Christmas Spirits Pg 1 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 21 1
MA- CotST Part 5
The Case of the Stolen Time
By: Agent-Di
Part Five
Fin and Larch stayed crouched down in the reeds, occasionally glancing at one another, trying to decide their next move.  The latter opened his mouth to talk but didn't get a word out before Morgan started grumbling again.
"All that trouble to snatch an enchanted timepiece," she held up the pocket watch and watched emotionlessly as it twirled and glimmered from its chain, "only to have my lowly assistant foul it up.  Still," she closed her eyes and smirked dubiously, "it was rather entertaining to watch McQuoid's brat scream in terror when I swooped down on him in the forest."
So then it was her! Fin thought furiously as he recalled the crows.
"That must've been when she got her mitts—err, talons—on yer watch," Larch muttered, casting the outraged lep a sideways glance.
Fin's face reddened to the point that his freckles resembled chickenpox.  Quinn and Ga
:iconagent-di:Agent-Di 2 0
MA- CotST Part 4
The Case of the Stolen Time
By: Agent-Di
Part Four
Sometime later that evening Deirdre and Larch were back at their tower—without the meddlesome Trio—discussing the day's events.
"The nerve o' that guy," Larch griped from his chair as he continued to whittle away at his earlier project, "accusin' me o' stealin' his clunky lil' timepiece an' then draggin' us all o'er creation like that."
Across the room Deirdre sat mending a tear in her shawl. "I wonder whatever happened to it anyway.  It's not like Fin to misplace his treasures, at least not something as important as that."
"Hmph, serves 'im right if ye ask me."
"I guess…"
...though that's probably the kind of attitude that made you a suspect in the first place.
Unbeknownst to either of them, Finian had far from given up.  He still considered Larch to be his best bet at finding the watch.  That sneaky traitor just had to be the culprit.  So, after
:iconagent-di:Agent-Di 2 3
MA- CotST Part 3
The Case of the Stolen Time
By: Agent-Di
Part Three
So with the mood much more somber, the five fey snuck away to the mines and followed the winding tunnels up to the surface.  Soon pitch blackness gave way to blinding light.  When their eyes were able to adjust, the hills of Ireland appeared; a rolling blanket of green stretched out as far as the eye could see.
"Ahh," Fin sighed in contentment, "smell that fresh air an' feel that warm summer breeze."
The others inhaled the pleasant aroma too and took a moment to bask in the sun.  The shady realm of Sidhe was so dank and dreary that it was easy to forget that a world so bright and rich in beauty was right above them.  Here birds chirped, winds blew, and a sky—a real sky—of endless blue welcomed them like an old friend at a long journey's end.
Quinn took notice of how high the sun had climbed and groaned. "Uh…guys?  Don't forget we're short on t
:iconagent-di:Agent-Di 2 0
MA- CotST Part 2
The Case of the Stolen Time
By: Agent-Di
Part Two
"-an' that's how me coattails got torn," the peeved carrot top explained as he and Deirdre walked through the meager shopping district of Sidhe. "Them hounds o' Morgy's got plenty o' fiber in their diet today, that's for sure.  I despise walkin' them furry devils."
Deirdre smiled indulgently and looked away, used to the lep's ramblings after centuries of listening to his work-related complaints. "It doesn't look that bad, just needs a little mending.  I'll have it fixed by tomorrow."
"That's me Deird." Larch flung an arm around her shoulder and gave it a squeeze, snagging an apple from the basket she was carrying in the process. "I can always count on ye in a bind."
Aware that she was probably starting to blush, the banshee coughed and tightened her hold on the basket.  She purposefully kept her eyes glued to the groceries inside it. "I-it's nothing."
"THERE HE IS!" a voice excla
:iconagent-di:Agent-Di 2 0
MA- CotST Part 1
The Case of the Stolen Time
By: Agent-Di
Part One
Hidden beneath the lush hills of Ireland exists a realm of magic called the Faerie Underworld, better known as Sidhe.   The inhabitants there are mainly Faefolk: elves, imps, leprechauns, and the like.  Not many faeries dwell there now, due to the harsh rule of the notorious Phantom Queen, Morgan le Fay.  Wicked and cunning, the former advisor to the Faerie Court was de-winged and exiled from her homeland after her failed attempt to claim the throne.  Her resentment runs deep, fueling her ever-present desire for revenge and increasing her disdain for the faerie race in general.  Today faeries in Sidhe are scarce, the majority having long since fled, fearing Morgan's wrath.
A single town stands in the middle of the cave-like realm, surrounded by rocky terrain, rushing waterfalls, a river doubling as a moat, and a dense, dark forest filled with nightmarish c
:iconagent-di:Agent-Di 2 0
MA - Case of the Stolen Time :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 9 8 FOP - A Good Scare Page 4 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 58 18 FOP - A Good Scare Page 3 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 50 2 FOP - A Good Scare Page 2 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 45 4 FOP - A Good Scare Page 1 :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 51 8 FOP- Cat :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 22 23 MA- Wrapped Around My Finger :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 11 16 MA- Schadenfreude :iconagent-di:Agent-Di 18 18


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Hey dA world!

Man I've been gone a loooong time.  Let's see, what to say...

1. Schoolwork stinks.

2. Retail sucks.

3. I'm insane for taking so many classes at once.

4. Insomnia is evil.


5. I'm another year older.  ;~;

On that note, I hope everyone had a spooktastic Halloween.  Turkey Day is almost here!  Or for you ham-lovers (like me), National Ham Day!! ;P

Naturally, Christmas is right around the corner too, and has been, for all us retail workers who've been forced to stare at overpriced pine trees and tinsel since August.  @~@  Falalalala... *breaks musical candy dispenser*

I've got one semester left before I *hopefully* get a decent paying full-time job.  (And if that falls through I'm headed for a nervous breakdown.  Check your local news channels—or Youtube—for details and footage.)  Then one semester after that I'll wrap up my online classes (maybe start some more for a BA degree) and have myself some additional educational credits that might net me a little more money.  I'm not looking to be rich, just wanna be able to financially support myself and not fall into that cliche 'starving artist' niche.

I really wanna finish the extended version of the Christmas comic I have up in my gallery.  Feels like forever since I've finished a work of art.  I'm still sketching like crazy, but it's not the same.  I've also been working on some original stuff, I tend to drift between projects as inspiration hits, and I'm about 6 months to a year away from having one post-worthy.  It'd be done sooner but work and school don't leave me enough time to work on it.  I haven't given up on my unfinished fics either, again, it's just been a time issue.  Gotta keep those priorities straight.  

Feel free to drop me a line via comment or PM.  I'm on an IM hiatus right now so those are the best ways to reach me.  I'd love to hear from you guys and how you're all doing.  How're your art muses treatin' ya?  Any old/new fandom interests?  Got your pitchforks ready for holiday shopping? O-O

Later for now!


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Current Residence: Somewhere inside my own chaotic imagination.
Favorite genre of music: 80s-90s pop rock
Favorite cartoon character: Norm the Genie, Babs Bunny
Personal Quote: Idiocy annoys me.


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aTinyShine Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's Cy! Dunno if you check this anymore, but i miss you. <3
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Do you take request
Gmoney2012 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015
Hey Amanda! I decided to take a trip down memory lane and listened to one of my favorite songs, from the cartoon, Danny Phantom: Remember by Ember.  I've came upon the video with your amazing comic w/ the song. I never realized how deep the song was until 10 years after it came out. The comic especially brought out the emotion everyone could relate too and really revealed pictures of what the song meant. I just wanted to say that you did a spontaneously good job on that comic and I mean spontaneous. It really brought back some good childhood memories!


Cowgirl-M Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
*pokes the artist with a stick*
Agent-Di Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm alive, just busy and exhausted.  I'll update eventually.  Just gotta find time to get stuff from the sketchbook to the computer.  Thanks for checking in though. :)
Cowgirl-M Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Oh my goodness! I didn't expect you to respond. You nearly gave me a heart attack. I'm glad to see that you are still around, I was afraid that you had flown the coop. Nice to see you are still around and kicking.
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She dead?
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